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Temperate Marine Aquaria


  Having started keeping aquariums after a long lay off, we decided on keeping something different than the normal tropical fish or Tropical Marine.

 We settled on keeping a Temperate Marina Aquaria, with the tank going to be the center piece of the living room we decided on a Juwel Trigon 350L corner tank.

Equipment wise we have kept it basic to the original specs of the Trigon, the only extra being a beer cooler to help keep the water down at 12 degrees. Normally the temperature wouldn't be that important as the rock pools really heat up in the summer and as that is where most stock is collected they tend to be quite tolerant of near tropical temperatures. Since we were planning on obtaining deeper water species the need for keeping the water cool was quite high as in the summer the max temperature is only around 17 degrees.

The tank was set up with about a 2" covering of  fine silica sand on the bottom and a collection of rock, all collected from the foreshore at Lochaline. The Inhabitants have been collected from 3 Locations, Largs on the Firth of Clyde, Lochaline on the Sound of Mull and Kingareloch on the Firth of Lorne. The only thing that has been bought for the tank were the Oysters.

below is a list of what we have identified in the tank at the moment, the links take you to photos of the specimens in our tank..


Plants & Algae 

Cladophora rupestris  (lochaline)

Sea Belt (Laminaria saccharina) (lochaline)

Furcellaria lumbricalis

Red Rags (Dilsea carnosa) (lochaline)

Apoglossum ruscifolium (lochaline)


 Dead Man's Finger (Alcyonium digitatum) (lochaline)

Beadlet Anemone (actinia equina) (lochaline)

Dahlia Anemone (Urticina felina) (lochaline)

Plumose Anemone (Metridium senile) (Largs)

Tube worm (Branchiomma bombyx) (lochaline)

Keel Worm (Pomatoceros lamarcki) (lochaline)

Prawns (Palaemon elegans) (Largs)

Un Identified Prawn

Spider Crab (Eurynome aspera) (Kingareloch)

Spider Crab (Inachus phalangium) (LochAline)

Green Shore Crab (Carcinus maenas) (lochaline)

Hermit Crab (Pagurus bernhardus) (lochaline)

Broad Clawed Porcelain Crab (Porcellana platycheles) (Kingareloch)

Long Clawed Porcelain Crab (Pisidia longicornis) (Kingareloch)

Common Limpet (Patella vulgata) (Largs)

Grey Topshell (Gibbula cineraria) (lochaline)

Flat Top Shell (Gibbula umbilicalis) (lochaline)

Common Periwinkle (Littorina littorea) (lochaline)

1 Unidentified Snail (Kingareloch)

Common Mussel (Mytilus edulis) (lochaline)

Horse Mussel ( Modiolus modiolus) (Kingareloch)

Great Scallop (Pecten maximus) (lochaline)

Queen Scallop (Aequipecten opercularis) (lochaline)

Common Oyster (Ostrea edulis) (Loch Fyne Oyster Bar)

Rock Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) (Loch Fyne Oyster bar)

Common Cockle (Cerastoderma edule) (lochaline)

Feather Star (Antendon bifida) (lochaline)

Starfish (Henrica oculata)

Brittlestar (Ophiocomina nigra) (Largs)

Brittlestar (Ophiura ophiura) (lochaline)

Sea Squirt (Ciona intestinalis) (lochaline)


 1 Butter fish (Centronotus gunnellus) (lochaline)

2 Long Spined Sea Scorpions (Taurulus bubalis) (Largs)

2 Eel - pout (Zoarces viviparous) (Largs)

2 Fifteen Spined Sticklebacks (Spinachia spinachia) (Kingareloch)

1 Lesser Spotted Dogfish Egg cases (Scyliorhinus caniculus) (Kingareloch)


Below is a photo of the tank


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